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Survival Solutions Blog - GENERAL - FIRE SUPPRESSION

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    Posted: Wednesday, July, 4th, 2012


    Why do you need Fire Suppression?

    Most commercial buildings now have a fire detection system to protect the occupants and the building, but is just detecting the fire enough?
    The problem with having just detection is that although you know you have a fire (the fire alarm sounders or bells are ringing) there is no way to safely suppress the fire yourself and that`s if you are there. The Fire Service will put it out when called but the smoke damage occurring before they arrive and the water damage after can be quite significant.

    Fire suppression systems & automatic extinguishing systems are used to reduce the level of damage and down time by automatically suppressing the fire ready for the Fire Service to get there and ensure it is out and safe to return. This ensures that your critical processes within your business such as the server or communications room or manufacturing process etc are up and running again in the minimum time. The ultimate success of the extinguishing system is that your customers didn`t even know you had a fire.

    The operation of the fire suppression system in a fire situation can greatly reduce in most cases the level of damage and with some cases very little loss of production and downtime. Leaving you to replace a small PCB or piece of equipment that caused the fire, rather than all the equipment within the room.

    How do we protect with Fire Suppression?

    Once a fire has been detected, we use one of the many suppression agents, to suppress the fire by removing one of the three elements of the fire triangle.
    We can reduce or remove the oxygen, cool the fire or in some cases both cool and remove the oxygen. The decision to use different extinguishing agents will depend upon the type of materials present i.e. class B fires such as flammable liquids, each liquid is chemically different therefore there may only be one agent that can be used.

    Other additional requirements are:
    - Sealed area or in the open
    - Staffing
    - Your environmental policies
    - Fire Service attendance time

    If you feel your business could benefit from a fire suppression system, please give Survival Solutions a call to discuss your needs.

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