Compliance Certificates

Do you need our help with an AFSS or Compliance Statement ?

Are you are the owner of a building who needs to have an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) or Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) prepared for issue to the council?

Or perhaps you are a tenant who has been asked by the landlord or owner to issue a statement of service compliance.

Survival Solutions are competent fire safety practitioners (CFSP) and can help you with the inspection, assessment, preparation and certification of your fire safety system in both of the above cases.

Survival Solutions can maintain your fire safety system and issue a once-only AFSS. Or the AFSS document can be issued on a regular annual basis.

Survival Solutions can provide a complete fire safety audit and service, which includes the prompt preparation and issue of either of these documents. For more information please phone to book an inspection on 1300040362 or submit a request for assistance below.

AFSS Statement

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