Survival Solutions is looking forward to assisting you and your business with the supply, installation, inspection, maintenance, repair or certification of your fire safety systems or equipment, including fire extinguishers, FHR and emergency lights.

We can also assist with evacuation diagrams, drills, fire warden and staff training.

Survival Solutions can assist you with the inspection of your fire safety system, whether it is once only or regular inspections managed through our online client management system simPRO Customer Connect.

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Survival Solutions Customer Connect

Survival Solutions Customer Connect has changed the way fire services are managed and you can now take full advantage of this great new technology.

Whether you have a single building or multiple sites and businesses across Australia, Survival Solutions online client management system simPRO allows unrivalled client access to every individual site and asset managed by us.

You can access service history and asset data, book jobs and review status, review and approve pending quotes, pay and review invoices all online with a client issued username and password.

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